Xsite Architecture Limited is an Award winning practice, carrying on with the traditions of good Architecture while re-evaluating current projects through current design theory.

We are passionate about the craft of Architecture. This flows into our documentation and through to the building process.

Our design work contributes to the natural & urban environment, with the desire to challenge the client, the end users & the community as a whole. We aspire to work within and complement the existing landscape, be provocative and inspiring, and to create structures and spaces that continue to uplift us.

The Director

Malcolm Taylor born 1963

Malcolm Taylor

I started my own practice after a successful career with Bossley Cheshire Architects, and then eight years as a senior designer and associate at JASMAX.

"..from the age of thirteen I have been passionate about buildings & design, my first building project: a 3 Car Garage (at age 17.) was for Mum & Dad. The second was a new house for my older Sister and Brother-in-Law. The Design & Build assignment was a great learning experience."

Xsite Architects was founded in 1997 by Malcolm Taylor after a successful career with Bossley Cheshire Architects since 1986. From 1989, he spent 8 years as a senior designer, then an associate at JASMAX working on a large variety of project types.

The practice team is made up of registered and graduate architects, and architectural technicians.

Xsite Architects' expertise extends beyond architectural design to encompass a range of disciplines required in boat interiors, sound studios, space management, landscape design, lighting design, graphics, urban planning, retail, office interiors and refurbishments, commercial redevelopments, industrial buildings and residential projects.